An image of a bumper car arena.


The Pleasant Valley Family Entertainment Center offers a variety of activities for all of our visitors. Fun and safety are our top priorities for our visitors, and rules for each activity will be posted outside of the event area. Purchase of a package of all day ticket required for entry. Kids under the age of five must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.

an image of a bowling ball and pins.


Play the classic game in teams of four or less!

An image of an indoor playground.


Kids can challenge themselves as they explore and conquer this jungle gym.

An image of a trampoline park.


This activity will literally have our customers bouncing off the walls!

An image of a lazer tag battle.


Played in twenty-five minute rounds, our players compete in an exciting game.

An image of an arcade.


Use tokens to play a variety of games from classic to modern.

An image of kids driving a bumper car.


Race against time in this safe environment!